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Our future is the sum of all our actions.


The moment for action is now.

Collect your ‘moments’ with 123abc and be prepared for the future of work.



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No one can predict the skills needed for the future but what has always been true is that passion is the fuel for innovation.


You are investing in yourself when you spend time growing your passion or learning a new skill. Every step increases your Personal Capital.

personal capital

Personal Capital is the term that refers to the knowledge, habits, social and personal attributes, including creativity that you develop throughout your life.

Personal Capital is unique to you and is needed for companies to achieve goals and remain innovative.


Many of us learn new things every day through video tutorials, meet-ups or networking and good old fashioned practice.

It’s important to keep track of that hard work.

So when the next opportunity comes along, you already have loads of experience to show for it.


The problem with the current people or job discovery models is that it is your responsibility to make sure the opportunities find you. Spending hours creating portfolios, marketing yourself on job sites and networking.


You’ve already done the hard work by acquiring the skill and increasing your Personal Capital, now let us reward you for it.


 The 123ABC platform is a simple way to broadcast your relevant skills, be found and get paid for it.



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